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    About Me

    After 3,5 years at Springest -Europe's largest online marketplace for learning, the first organization in Europe to implement Holacracy, and 3x winner of best employer awards- I now use my experience to help other organizations become motivating workplaces for happy and productive teams.


    I speak at Meetups and events to inspire others about self-management, give trainings to boost your productivity with Asana and work as a consultant to help you with self-organization and employee experience.


    My areas of expertise include (in no particular order):

    - Hiring & Onboarding processes

    - Project management

    - Event Management

    - Asana

    - GTD Getting Things Done

    - Holacracy

    - OKRs


    If you want to explore any of these topics, contact me!

  • "Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them"

    David Allen

  • Asana training

    Key words: Asana, GTD, Productivity

    Thanks to Asana, Springest sends ZERO emails internally. That's right, it's actually forbidden to use email as tool to communicate with colleagues. Curious to find out how?


    I noticed more and more organizations are using Asana, but everyone is figuring it out on their own. Why not use my 4+ years of experience to help you get the most out of this tool! I love bringing structure to chaos, and with structure comes freedom. It frees your inbox, your time, and your mind. Imagine all the things you could do with this freedom and clear mind!


    Let me walk you through the basics of Asana and it's most used functionalities. Tasks vs. Projects, Assignees, inbox, My Tasks, due dates, and much more. I also offer more advanced training if you know your basics and want to dive further into special features. Custom fields, Meeting structures, Project setups but also how to integrate roles, strategy & upgrade your project setups to optimize purpose driven work.


    For optimal use of Asana to increase your productivity, I cover some of the GTD principles in my trainings. GTD or Getting Things Done, was developed by David Allen, who calls it a 'work-life management system'. Asana and GTD are a match made in heaven and in my Asana training I will show you why. It will help you with your inbox handling, prioritization, understanding the difference between a task and a project and knowing which is relevant when.


    If you have a specific Asana topic you'd like to learn more about, please let me know. I like to offer training that is altered to your needs.


    Group training up to 10 participants at a time. Individual 1-1 coaching also possible.


  • Products

    Depending on your experience, starting level and learning goals, I can offer training altered to your needs. Get in touch to discuss options

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    Asana Basics training

    price on request

    4 hour training



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    Asana Plus training (Advanced)

    price on request

    4 hour training



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    Follow-up session

    price on request

    1-2 hours

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    Full Asana implementation

    price on request

    Custom program adjusted to your needs

  • “Holacracy is not a governance process “of the people, by the people, for the people”—it's governance of the organization, through the people, for the purpose.”

    Brian Robertson

  • Holacracy

    Keywords: Holacracy, self management, purpose driven, intrinsic motivation

    Speaker/ Trainer

    self-management - hiring & onboarding - motivation

    Over the years I have gained valuable experience, figuring out how to work within a Holacratic organization, how to create processes from scratch, how work purpose driven, stay goal oriented and how to (not) lead a team in a self-organizing environment. I love to inspire, share best practices and open a conversation about relevant challenges.


    Want me to speak at your event? Shoot me a message!

    Holacracy Meetup Organizer

    Together with HolacracyOne and Energized.org I have organized quarterly Meetups since 2016 and helped this Meetup community grow to over 1000 members. I love hosting these events and try to offer new content every time. Each meetup revolves around self-management and the challenges and benefits it brings.


    Sign up on the Meetup page to get notified of next events. Or get in touch if you would like this content at your own Meetup.

    Holacracy Experience Sharing

    Over the past few years I have seen more and more companies implement Holacracy. I noticed many of these organizations are facing the same challenges, even in different phases of their implementation.

    Instead of each one of them trying to reinvent the wheel, I would like to offer space for Holacratic organizations to get together and share experiences in their Holacracy practice. What challenges are you facing? What best practices do you have to share? I'm currently running pilots in which a maximum of 15 participants can join a session of knowledge sharing around a certain topic. I facilitate these sessions and will share my own experience and best practices.

    Are you interested? Please let me know by leaving your details below!

  • Events

    Here's a collection of interesting events I'm either visiting, organising or speaking at.  

    Speaker at Holacracy Practitioner Meetup @ Boldare

    8 August 2018 - Gliwice, Poland

    Host at Holacracy Meetup @ Springest

    10 September 2018 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Guest at OKR Forum

    25 October 2018 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Panelist at 'The Art & Science of Teamwork' by Asana

    7 November 2018 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Host at Holacracy Meetup, Springest

    6 December - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Guest at Spark @ Bol.com Meetup - Leadership in Selfmanagement

    31 January- Utrecht, the Netherlands

    Host at Holacracy Meetup @ Springest

    6 December - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Guest at HR trends event by NMBRs

    7 February - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Guest at Responsive Org Meetup at Keytoe

    7 February - Maassluis, the Netherlands

    Host @ Holacracy Meetup, Springest

    14 March- Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Guest at Responsive Org Meetup at KPN Technium

    2 April- Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Guest at Disrupt HR Meetup

    25 April- Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Guest at New Ways of Work by Soople & HolaSpirit

    28 May - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Host at Holacracy Meetup @ Springest

    26 June - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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    Books on my shelve - finished, or about to read

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  • Asana discount

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